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Earth Observation - Top 8 Events 2008 VIII

Earth Observation - Top 8 Events 2008 VIII
Apr 10, 2008
Global Geodetic Observing System: Releases Strategy GGOS2020

When you build a house you want to place it on a secure and stable foundation. In the case of Earth observation this foundation is geodesy. In 2008 a number of important events will take place within the field of geodesy that will not only contribute to a better foundation of Earth Observation but increase our knowledge about the system Earth. In addition societal important areas like climate change, geohazards and the water cycle research and management will benefit from derived and improved geodetic products.

In 2007 The Global Geodetic Observing System community started the process of writing a strategy document, that will guide the implementation of GGOS over the next years. The title for the process is The Global Geodetic Observing System: Meeting the requirements of a global society on a changing planet in 2020, denoted shortly as GGOS 2020. This process will result in a brief Strategy Document aiming at the broader public, including decision makers, funding agencies, and the relevant international programs, and a comprehensive Reference Document with the main audience being those implementing and operating GGOS. The final drafts are ready and in 2008 we expect these important Earth Observation documents to provide the basis for the contruction of a continuous, accurate and stable foundation of a global Earth Observation System of Systems.


Earth observation has increased societal importance. Science and technology development enable us to improve our monitoring capacity.

Through a series of short aricles the next couple of weeks or so, I will describe each of those top 8 events that will take place within Earth observation this year.

This is the last of 8 posts about Earth Observation Events 2008.

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