Sunday, July 13, 2008

Say It With Science

Say it with science

Star Killing on SU

Credit: NASA/GSFC.

Matter clumps under the force of gravity, then the first stars ignite and finally the structures of galaxies form. Click on image to view animation. IT'S AWESOME! Light from stars

Stellare Not Wanted

Stellare should enjoy being a Top Stumbler only so short. A couple of weeks ago Stellare became a Top Stumbler account. Today, for no reason at all, Stellare was actively removed as a Top Stumbler.

SU is telling me loud and clear that Stellare is not wanted. An accounta non grata. As opposed to the star creation above, SU does not want Stellare to become a star, but again rather prefers to join the negative star spirits who have been harassing me, a paying customer, for months and kill Stellare.

I am now forced to move my science posts to PlanetBye, because what will be the next? Well, maybe it's not so bad. I get to clean up and do something I meant to do for ages. :-)

Newbies: Long story. Forget it and enjoy the star formation animation by cliking on the image. It is ├╝ber cool. :-)

Friends and Fans: Sorry about all this, but it seems like I am rather unpopular with the SU management. I know who to thank for that, but I'm honestly surprised to see it is a never ending story. I have successfully ignored it this far, but removing me as a Top Stumbler is a little over the top aggressive.


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