Saturday, July 12, 2008

Soda Pop

Need Explosive "Soda Pop"?

A photomicrograph of a Skarn, a rock formed by chemical transformation following eruptions.

Go to Trollfjorden

Photo: friisand

Calm sea at Trollfjorden, Norway

Let me tell you this: Texans love explosives! I know first hand, I have had the pleasure of playing with them throwing dynamite on the prairie - just for fun. It is then no wonder a team of scientists hoped for some explosive action when looking to Norway. And what do you know. At perhaps the most scenic places in the whole of Norway, evidence of explosive actions in the ancient mountain chain, a caledonian fold, can be found. What a neat coincidence!

I have also been to Trollfjorden. It is a very narrow fjord where high mountains come right out of the ocean. It is very very impressive in real life. The pictures cannot by far do justice to the experience. And now I know I can find Skarn and evidence of the coolest ancient time explosives.

It's all volcanic, Xineann!! How about that! (She loves volcanoes).

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