Friday, July 25, 2008

Magnetic Fields

Strong Magnetic Babies


What equates to the magnetic field of perigee galaxies for quasars that are billions of light years away (large: "whirlpool" galaxy; small: quasar OC-65)

Forget the Dynamo Theory already!

Whenever astrophysicists don't understand what is going on in the universe, they blame it on magnetic field. Magnetic fields are so strange and unpredictable (read we haven't got a clue :-)) that it seems reasonable that it's the magnetic field that comes into play and mess up the other theories.

According to the Dynamo theory trying to explain the creation and behavior of magnetic fields, young galaxies should have weaker magnetic fields than this group of astrophysicists now have observed.

I am highly amused by magnetic fields. :-)

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