Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Water and Diamonds

Water and Diamonds

...and a synchrotron radiation facility.

All A Woman Can Wish For! ;-)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Volcanic Eruptions: Ash Warnings and Aviation

Volcanic Eruptions - Ash Warnings and Aviation

Last week Iceland experienced yet another volcanic eruption when Grímsvötn beneath their biggest glacier Vatnajökull, started to spew out volcanic ash into the atmosphere. Several flights have been canceled but it is by far not so disruptive as last years Eyjafjallajökull who closed down the entire European airspace.

If you wonder how we use science in decision making and ash warning systems - I warn you it is compicated - you can read this article. I made a special graphics to facilitate the reading. But again, lots of stuff and complicated links here. Aviation in general require all this, so we should be all happy about it.

Trolls and Science

Trolls and Science

Communicating science can be a challenging task...;-)

Sapphire - From a Scientific Perspective

Sapphire - From A Scientific Perspective!

Credit: ESRF

What an excellent way to combine your interests in jewelry, physics and large installations!

X-ray your bling! :-)

Star Birth

Star Birth

Credit: ESA/Herschel/SPIRE/PACS/D. Arzoumanian (CEA Saclay) for the 'Gould Belt survey' Key Programme Consortium

Not surprisingly it appears in BLUE! ;-)

Apart from the obvious blue, there are more interesting reading here.

Space Is Music In My Ears

Space Is Music In My Ears

At least space will provide music in my ears if this project is implemented. I have paid for it to happen because I think the project itself is sooooo cool, and I like the idea that this is a regular citizen project.

You can pledge your support also, just like I did. With small and big money, it is you choice.

A detailed description of the budget - and the whole project can by fund via Fundraising for Science.

Update: The project is funded!

What Yuri Gagarin Saw

What Yuri Gagarin Saw

Credit: Nasa

12th of April 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first human to ever get this fantastic view of our planet. It must have been magnificent. He did express his feelings (observations:-)) this way:

"I see Earth. It is so beautiful."

Still true, Yuri!

Congratulations Russia, with this extraordinary anniversary in our space history!

Sitting Duck

Sitting Duck?


Evidently not. This is a floating duck. Ready to reproduce according to this article...if the colors are bright enough, that is. :-)

It is spring, folks!