Sunday, July 13, 2008

GOCE: Mapping Mountains

Mapping Mountains

This is an ESA story about one application of GOCE - the satellite that will improve the height reference. ESA sponsored the Geodetic Journey, a journey through China and Tibet. The plan was to reach Everest Basecamp, but due to some political issues in connection with the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 we just did not make it. We got pretty close though. See below.

This picture I took from the point in Tibet the closest we came to Mount Everest. On a clearer day we would have seen Everest behind the clouds. It's about 100 km airline distance from us to the highest peak on Earth. We assume Everest will remain that even if we will have a more homogeneous global geoid after GOCE..

This was all brought back to me because of the death of the first man ever to climb Mt Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary. (Thanks to Comely1 for picking up the news, however sad)

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