Thursday, July 29, 2010

Carnival of Space with Solar Sails

Carnival of Space with Solar Sails...

...and much more. Actually, Carnival of Space is a great way of staying updated on space and astronomy. Not even kidding you. :-)

Boeing To Space

Boeing To Space

Commercial space is picking up speed, it looks like. :-) Don't mind if it does, actually!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Russian Spacecraft

Russian Rocket

Actually, spacecraft...manned spacecraft. Bye, bye USA. You'll not be in the lead in space if you don't pull your act together...;-)

And there's China, and Japan, and, and.

Mural Cat

Mural Cat

It's been a while since a cat made it to this place on the internets. And this royal version will do just fine. He is surrounded by the green, just as I am right now in Haakenrud. It is explosively green this summer. :-)



This satellite will improve the accuracy of GPS positioning in Japan. Love it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Biggest Star

Big, Bigger, Biggest - Yet

Tarantula and surroundings - stellar crib of super star babies.

Credit: ESO

The above image was assembled and released in 2006. In itself it is pretty amazing. Then after years of study, ESO found that there are super stars in the making deep inside.

Tarantula and surroundings - zooming in on super star babies.

Credit: ESO/P. Crowther/C.J. Evans

This young cluster of stars (RMC 136a - they got to rename this thing, its no personality there) contains a mega super star making us worrying about our very own star, the Sun, being able to produce enough energy to keep us warm... :-)

And - IT IS BLUE (because it's hot)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Award Winning Astrocast.TV - and Lilies

Award Winning Astrocast.TV and Lilies.

I have been working for Astrocast.TV for more than a year now. Producing A Green Space - A Green Earth has been hard work, but particularly awarding for me personally as I have learned about a completely different world: the world of broadcasting and journalism.

From within science I had already been devoting time and resources on outreach and user linkage strategies related to geodesy and Earth observation. It was, and still is, a challenge to communicate the importance of a scientific field that almost no one have even heard of - geodesy. But I had not really 'gotten my hands dirty' with writing let alone producing any video material until I was contacted by Astrocast.TV.

In A Green Space - A Green Earth I cover both a larger and a narrower field. Earth observation is of course more than geodesy, but geodesy is more than space geodesy. I cover Earth observation from space for Astrocast.TV.

I am proud to work with the highly professional people at Astrocast.TV and of course delighted to be a member of an award winning organization. This year, again, Astrocast.TV was a multiple winner of Telly awards.

So, what's with the lilies, already?
You may have noticed that my middle name is 'Lilja'. That is Norwegian for 'lily' and I have a personal website named Lilja - A bouquet of stories about the Earth. When the news about Astrocast.TV winning 4 Telly awards announced I was generously congratulated with the words 'A lily for a lily'. I can share the images of the lovely bouquet (of real lilies, no Earths') but I regret I cannot share the wonderful scent that filled my living room for days. :-)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Non-free Lhasa

Non-free Lhasa

It makes me so sad to read this article. After the Tibetan revolt early 2008 hardly any media has been allowed to visit Tibet. Filming is obviously completely out of the question. BBC was heavily controlled while visiting Lhasa: No room to talk in 'stable' Tibet.

I was there with a camera crew in August 2007. As it turns out just in time before everything closed down. The Chinese started to feel the tension already back then, and it was only because I am extremely stubborn that we got to go so many places that we ended up doing.

Due to varying internet connection our blog from the trip is shorter than planned, but you can check it out here at Geodetic Journey if you like. We traveled with both Chinese and Tibetans and we felt warmly welcome everywhere.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Norwegian Satellite Sees Ship From Space

Your Norwegian Big Brother Sees You At Sea - From Space

Up, up in the air - and we now follow your every movement in Norwegian waters - and beyond. No fishing of our fish, thank you very much. hahaha

Rosetta Visits Lutetia

Rosetta Visits Lutetia

And they both look mighty fine! :-)

Credits: ESA, image by C.Carreau

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Climategate and global warming - Independent Climate Change Email Review Released

Do You Believe In Global Warming?

NO! I know. In fact, we all know. :-)

Read an analysis of the latest inquiry called Independent Climate Change Email Review, a review lead by Sir Muir Russell.

Space Chicks

Space Chicks

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Created by an Australian, discovered by a Swede - of course! Thanks for the wardrobe tip, Serinadruid!

Upate: It is freakin SOLD OUT! No!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Workhorses in Space

Workhorses In Space

Can Make This

Credits: W.H.F.Smith and D.T. Sandwell

First view of the ocean floor structures in many remote areas of Earth, 1997. Based on data from ESA's ERS-1 radar altimeter the USA Navy Geosat altimeter.

And Much More

Monday, July 5, 2010

Volcano seen with InSAR

Longonot Volcano, Kenya

Credit: ESA

Using satellites provides us with stunning new images - and unique information. This is InSAR images of two Kenyan volcanoes in the Great Rift Valley in Africa. If you want to learn how InSAR is being used you can watch the latest episode on Volcanoes at A Green Space - A Green Earth over at the award winning Astrocast.TV.

The Cat In The Moon

The Cat In The Moon

If the Man in the Moon has whiskers, which he has - the graphite kind, then the Man in the Moon must be a - CAT!

The cat in the Moon with graphite whiskers, that is what we see! :-)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens

With a hat! :-)

Here's my version of the Mount St. Helens devastating reawakening at A Green Space - A Green Earth on Astrocast.TV, an award winning online TV 'station'.