Friday, July 18, 2008

China and Taiwan

Political Geography: China and Taiwan

Photo: P.K. Chen

Southern Cross over Taiwan

Stars of Alpha and Beta Centauri and the constellation of Southern Cross just above the highest peak in Taiwan, located on Yu Shan or Mount Jade at altitude of about 3950 meters. The mountain is located at the tropic of cancer (23.5° north) and it's near the limit to see these famous southern stars above horizon.

A while back I posted a strange map that improved my understanding of the conflict between mainland China and Taiwan. A former colleague of mine, a world leading scientists on sea level observations at NASA, moved back to Taiwan for political reasons after spending most of his life in the US. So the topic has some interest to me on several levels. Yes, and I do love maps.

It seems like the relationship between China and Taiwan is developing in positive direction. At least more Chinese are allowed to enjoy their vacation in Taiwan.


As I have been moving my Stellare posts over to PlanetBye for security reasons, the post with the Taiwan map that shows their claim on not only mainland China, but other territories as well, has been read and hold your horses, been commented on. Very good comments as well.

You can read the comments here, and feel free to join the discussion!

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