Thursday, July 10, 2008



Carte de l'Amérique du Nord . Abbé Claude Bernau, 1681. BnF Maps and Plans Department.

Attributed to the Abbé Claude Bernou and dated 1681, this mural map of North America and the Gulf of Mexico, from the French National Library's Navy Hydrographic Service Collection, originated in Jean-Baptise Colbert's desire to bring together research on all the world's coasts. The map shows many of the discoveries from French expeditions in the Mississippi Valley from 1672 to 1681 and indicates the position of three forts constructed in 1679 and 1680: Fort Conty (near Niagara Falls), Fort Miami (south of Lake Michigan), and Fort Crèvecoeur (on the left bank of the Illinois River). In this representation, the Mississippi River ends at its confluence with the Ohio River.

What a Beauty!

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