Thursday, June 5, 2008


Astrophysics - the Ultimate Science

Credit: Andrey Kravtsov

A simulated distribution of dark matter in a galaxy cluster formed in the universe with dark energy. The clumps are locations where galaxies form.

In My Opinion! :-)

Frontiers in astrophysics are close to philosophy, only we use exact sciences like mathematics and physics as tools to understand the universe. I'm very happy that Fred Kavli agrees that the questions about how the universe began, will it end, are there parallel universes, unknown matter? etc. are important. Existential questions are often at the heart of astrophysics.

I can warmly recommend this article as a gentle introduction or update if you like...of the forefronts of astrophysics today.


tonyon said...

parallel universes necesary to immortality

tonyon said...
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tonyon said...

...inter-Universe travel constant acceleration (parallel universes)... Big-Bang!!...if separation between galaxies, were all stay in the expansive surface of sphere, go accelerating by the supposed antigravity of the supposed dark energy (perhaps accelerating because they attract with the galaxies from the Neighbor Universe)...perhaps expand until it collides with another shock wave of another Big-Bang of multi-Universe...(why was there clustering all the Universe´s ENERGY in 1 only sphere?, does not only there is 1 star...multiple spheres of energy here and there...each sphere a Local Universe with its, the UNIVERSE would be like a galaxy with its stars, each "star" a Local Universe)...who divided up the same infinite EMPTY SPACE (as a group of balloons, each one separated from each other, to be swelling...the space inside and out, the infinity Empty Space...and each balloon an Independent Local Universe)... And if Gravitation shall get to stop the expansion, it´s evident that the fragments approximation (galaxies in apocalyptic collisions) would start between them with those nearest over the sphere´s surface, forming hyper-massive "clumps" of Matter ever increasing until the starts of major gravitational attraction with other "clumps" from the opposite end of sphere´s diameter already implosive...starting implosion in terminal phase of our and then uninhabitable Local Universe (maybe by then would have completed the inter-Universe exodus and there would be no one in this)... Exit to direction at 180º from center increasing our radius, distance from the center where there was the Big-Bang, in the opposite direction going towards the center of sphere would get more "inside" of our own Universe instead of going out. Maybe "nearer" the next Universe going in the same direction of expansion, that going at counter-expansion to "antipodes" (Galaxy Abell 1835...13200 million light 1 Million G (!!!), 9800 kms/sec², total travel time = 226 years) of our... The Travel of all travels... Ship "Exodus-1"...heading 180º from center towards the Infinity...constant acceleration until to detect at front galaxies with strong differential deflection, discounting our own hyperluminal-speed, toward the Violet...the shock wave from our New Universe come to greet us... Parallel Universes, we only carrying the truth... Here we go...goooooo!►...