Friday, June 27, 2008

Interstellar Dust

interStellar Dust

Site of dust's birth around a supernova observed by AKARI

Composite image of supernova 2006jc about a half year after the explosion - and the mother galaxy UGC4904 photographed by AKARI. Color of general stars is blue while the supernova 2006jc shines in red at almost the same level as the galaxy. Thermal radiation from dust born around the dying supernova is observed.

Did you do as I told you? Memorize this. Then there is no need to look up what a supernova is...:-)

Week-end dusting

Finally week-end. I don't know about you, but in this country and some times in this house, we like to do a little dusting just before the week-end so we can enjoy a few moments of zen during a couple of peaceful days.

Maybe we should reconsider that dusting activity. I mean, we could be cleaning out life itself. Or preventing the creation of new life. Right now I am considering analysis of my domestic dust to check if it contains some of that interstellar dust. It could be it does...

Polycyclic-aromatic hydrocarbon

Polycyclic-aromatic hydrocarbon is believed to be an important substance that may have a close relation with organic matter such as amino acid (via several chemical processes). Understanding the evolution of polycyclic-aromatic hydrocarbon in outer space is important because it bridges interstellar chemistry and exobiology. We should count on AKARI for that job, right?

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