Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Say it with science

White Holes (Not whores...)

The tremendous gravity impels this wormhole both to elongate along its length, and to shrink about its middle. Watch two white holes merge, form a wormhole, then fall apart into two black holes.

The yellow arrows indicate the directionality of the horizons. A person (or signal) can pass through a horizon only in the direction of the arrow, not the other way.

Real science beats science fiction, always! ;-)

Oh, yeah! I almost forgot.

White hole

White hole is something which probably (cannot) exist in the real universe. A white hole will turn up in your mathematics if you explore the space-time around a black hole without including the star which made the black hole (ie. there is absolutely no matter in the solution). Once you add any matter to the space-time, the part which included a white hole disappears.

And remember, a black hole is nothing more than a singularity in a mathematical equation.

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