Friday, June 27, 2008


1001 Nights in Scandinavia

As I write this particular post I have 1001 fans registered on Stellare, and I feel like commenting on that with an observation. In Scandinavia we are fond of fairy tales and 1001 Nights is the Scandinavian name on Arabian Nights, world known fairy tales.

Researches in Denmark just discovered a grave with what must have been a human from Arabian decent, indicating that there were a lot more exchange of culture and traveling than we earlier anticipated, even in the Iron Age. People were doing what we are doing now, only without our modern times technology.

Very close to my home, there is an old settlement from Iron Age reconstructed in the same fashion they did back then.

HRINGARIKI - Veien Cultural Heritage Park

Veien has been an important meeting-place for 3000 years. The grave area is one of the largest in the Nordic region, containing rich archaeological finds from the Early Iron Age, and a large number of graves and traces of settlements dating from the period around 900 BC to 1000 AD.

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