Sunday, June 29, 2008


Immune with Shiitake

Photo by Keith Weller

If you want to improve your immune system have some sleep - and Shiitake mushrooms! I have been totally fascinated by ancient Chinese medicine. Not because I believed in it, but because it was so wonderfully different from modern western medicine. Before I visited China for the first time, Chinese medicine, Mao and firecrackers were China to me. Nothing else. Boy, have I a different view on that country now. I get all worked up with enthusiasm when I think about Chinese culture, both ancient and modern. One of the things I find extremely interesting in China today, is how serious the Chinese take their health and well-being. It seems to be independent of social class.

It turns out that this Chinese mushroom is better for your health if you grow it the natural way. What do you know! :-)


Photo: Bente Lilja Bye

Chinese pharmacy, Wuhan, China

All these people were engaged in finding the best medicine to cure my cold when I was in Wuhan. I obediently took the medicine without any clue whatsoever of what it contained. Interestingly, the modern pharmacies in China carry both modern and ancient remedies. I think I got some of that good old stuff. Maybe with some obscure unknown Chinese mushroom in it. I still have it, because it helped!

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