Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Volcanoes and Climate Change

Volcanoes and Climate

Credit: NASA/JPL

Huaynaputina, Peru erupted around 1600 and caused climate change

As long as I can remember I've heard theories about the effect of volcanoes; climate change, death of dinosaurs etc. It is clear to me that Mother Nature, the planet itself, is capable of creating huge changes. Natural hazards like volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, land slides represent a real danger to large communities. It is also likely that climate can be altered by these vast physical events. We still need to better understand these phenomena as well as to what degree the increased number of humans also can change this planet...

Studies of ancient events are important input for our understanding of the Earth today.

In the case of the Peruvian volcano Huaynaputina in the 1600 it seems it resulted in a climate cooling.

Can't get enough of volcanoes? IntrepidDreamer made an outstanding collection on Earth Day.

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