Monday, April 28, 2008

The Sun

1. quarter 2008

The Sun

The Sun is an ordinary star, an average sized star and about half way in its life. It is our basic source of energy and it is fundamental for life on Earth. The Sun controls our climate and weather. It is our closest star, and therefore the most closely studied. From it we have learned a great deal about the physical processes which determine the structure and evolution of stars in general.

I write posts about different terms and features of the Sun, in addition to just pictures. So, you can expect picture tales and more in depth information depending on what mood I'm in and what inspires me any given time. All in all it should be possible to learn a lot about MY FAVORITE STAR.

Some of the basic solar terminology that will be explained in various ways on Stellare.

Daily Sun From SOHO

List of posts about our Sun will follow here (selected highlights).

Life cycle of the Sun
Solar cycle
Return of solar cycle 23
Sun spot - close up
Coronal Mass Ejection
Solar Prominence
Granulation and other features of the sun
Solar vocabulary - overview
The Sun - solar wind and more

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