Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Solar Cycle and Astrocast

Astronomy Internet TV


This is a new internet TV channel covering all things astro. The first show covers three main topics:

-The Sun entering a new 11 year solar cycle.

-NASA's Messenger flies-by the planet Mercury.

-Fabulous radar images from the South Pole of the Moon.

Two NASA Solar System Ambassadors are hosting the show, Greg Redfern and Greg Piepol, the latter runs - a site I have visited many times.

I think they give a very nice presentation of the solar cycle in general. Watch this and get a solid background understanding for all the sunspot/solar cycle material that will flood the science media in the years to come. In particular, listen carefully and learn how you can determine which solar cycle's sun spots you see on the solar surface. We have a very special situation these days with sunspots from both cycle 23 and cycle 24 active at the same time.

I've included a link to more written material from ESA on the revival of the old solar cycle 23 below.

Solar Cycles

Sunspot count versus year

Old cycle spots

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