Monday, April 28, 2008

Indian Space

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Earth observation from space

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle - PSLV-C9

Indian rocket PSLV-C9 successfully launched a set of new remote sensing instruments, Cartosat-2a, Indian Mini Satellite (ims-1 )and 8 Nanosatellites today.

Cartosat 2a

1 High-resolution data from CARTOSAT-2A will be invaluable in urban and rural development applications that need large scale mapping.

2 The data from the Indian Mini Satellite, another remote sensing instrument, will be made available to interested space agencies and student communities from developing countries in order to engourage capacity building in using satellite data.

3 The purpose of the eight nanosatellites is to develop nano technologies for use in satellites as well as for the development of technologies for satellite applications.

Congratulations to my Indian friend Ajihad! :-)

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