Wednesday, April 30, 2008


1. quarter 2008


Geodesy is the science of determining the geometry, gravity field, and rotation of the Earth and their evolution in time. Traditionally, geodesy has been serving other sciences and have had many societal applications, including mapping. With the advent of satellite geodesy it developed into a science making unique contributions to the study of the Earth system, its inherit dynamics, and its response to climate change, as well as a tool underpinning a wide variety of other remote sensing techniques. Facilitated by the Global Navigation Satellite Systems such as GPS, a wide and growing set of applications associated with positioning and navigation is opening up.

Measure gravity with GOCE
Vanguard 1 - the first geodetic satellite
Atmospheric geodesy
GNSS - Galileo's second satellite Giove B
Very Long Baseline Interferometry - Fort Davis, Texas, US
Mapping Mountains
Struve Geodetic Arc
New Orleans Subsidence

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