Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tibet from the ground

Mountains around Namtso

Photo: Gordon Ye

View of central Nyainqen Tanglha (NyainQen TangLha) range over Nam Tso lake. Nyainqen Tanglha peak is somewhere in the center. June 2002. (30°15'N, 90°10'E, 5000-7000 m a.s.l.)

It is a Research station located at Namtso, mostly for meteorological studies. They monitor the miniature Earth system around this salt lake, the highest in the world and second largest in China. There are a couple of mountain ranges around the lake. The water has no outlet from the lake, only inlets.

The glaciers around the lake are being monitored. The science is international, even a Norwegian has contributed with analysis of the retreat of NyainQen TangLha glacier.

Personal note: The colors around this lake are extraordinary. I've been there twice; once in May and once in August. I can't say I have ever experienced so vibrant and intense colors anywhere else in the world. Not even in the Norwegian mountains, which is the closest and the reason one of my first reactions to my visits in Tibet was that I felt as if I was home. :-)

Still a note - Namtso as seen from ISS, the astronauts collection:

The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth - Tibet

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