Friday, August 1, 2008


And Then There Was Life...

Credit: P. A. Navratil, Texas Advanced Computing Center; J. L. Johnson, T. H. Greif, V. Bromm, University of Texas at Austin

An image from a computer simulation depicting the universe 300 million years after the Big Bang. The first stars blew bubbles of ionized radiation (blue) into the surrounding primordial gas (green).

Well, a few moments later anyhow.

Super duper computer simulations of the Universe's birth - or formation of galaxies and stars more precisely. Take a look at these wonder simulations below. Freakin' awesome! :-)

Credit: Dr. Naoki Yoshida of Nagoya University, Japan

The computer simulation designed by Dr. Yoshida et al. demonstrates how gas and dust came together in the early universe to form the first stars after the Big Bang.

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