Thursday, August 21, 2008

Say It With Science

Say It With Science

Eclipsed Sunshine?

Credit: Leuthen

He might not be the nicest persona on SU, but he is most definitely a good writer. Risking "a red one" I still am ready to defend this non-spammer with frisky comments. What really won me over was his mastery of modal logics and love of women. :-) I'll show you what I mean. You have to look behind the reds and a few cursing sections. It is maybe a little like waiting for an eclipsed sun to uneclipse. While you wait you'll see both diamonds and shiny beads.

Here they come, some of the golden rays:

Loving women: ...Let's round them all up and put them in a zoo so that we may watch them graze between births.

Loving nature (spiders): ..."Nothing that can live in your bed should have that many legs."

On religion and China or something like that: ..."Tibetan oppression, Darfur, it's all interchangeable to these Western armchair activists;..."

Expressing an opinion: "Your page is very colorful. It's like a rainbow of ideologically programmed bigotry and moral objectivism. :)"

There are plenty more gems to find. Go, put on whatever protection glasses you need, and have a look!

Baily's Beads by Tunç Tezel

Gudskit - SU's very own sunshine boy.

Social media, SU included, worst enemies are spammers, NOT opinionated angry young men and women.

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