Monday, August 18, 2008

Space Material

Space For Society

Credit: Speedo

Sports are an important societal activity on many levels. In Norway we consider sports as part of culture and we all know sports are good for our health. Watching sports can be healthy too. All the excitement and joy one can experience by just being a spectator are good for both heart and mind.

I ran a relay marathon this week-end and one of the reason I do this every year is the the free high-tech running gear I get from the sponsors. I tried to give something back like pointing out that the moon was eclipsing right over the stage at the outdoors concert we all attended after the marathon. They responded by saying that all I cared about was the moon, not the concert...:-)

Material science has made its way right down to everyday sports. When fractions of seconds count, even a tight swimsuit needs to be as frictionless as possible. Testing materials that have the right quality is part of both sports and space. I can't say seconds count that much for me when I do sports these days, but I bet that in a few years we'll all be swimming in NASA and Phelps tested swimsuits. :-)

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