Monday, September 29, 2008


Energy Gone With The Wind

I am all supportive of alternative energy, to put it mildly. Testing various ways of producing energy is necessary. I hope we do not make the same mistakes we've done with hydropower though, and hurt the environment on the way. A wind mill might look nice on pictures like the one above, but I am afraid that the visual pollution is underestimated in the alternative energy projects be it on and off shore.


Blu said...

But I wonder if we have just stopped seeing all the visual pollution that we already have. Is this any worse?

Bente Lilja Bye said...

We are now rebuilding our hydropower infrastructure to make it less visible - less visually polluting. There is no need to continue the mistakes from before. We should have learned by now.

It is not wise to say, hey we are used to see a few plastic bags floating around, why would we care if the landscape was all covered in it?

I think it will always be a negotiation between a necessity (energy) and beauty in a modern society. At least we should not be mindless about it.