Thursday, September 18, 2008

Webb telescope instruments

Pretty Camera

Calling it a pretty 'camera' is of course an understatement and slightly misleading. The MIRI instrumentabove is part of the Webb telescope being jointly built by US and European organizations.

The Webb telescope will be the most sensitive infrared space telescope ever built. Its many pursuits include:

1.) Discovery of the 'first light'

2.) Assembly of galaxies: history of star formation, growth of black holes, production of heavy elements

3.) How stars and planetary systems form

4.) Evolution of planetary systems and conditions for life



What a nice idea on sharing this great instrument that man invited.
I like the drawing that gives the idea of the part..

Bente Lilja Bye said...

Glad you liked it. I think those technical drawings often are pieces of art. Did you click on the image? There are more illustrations and you get a feel of the complexity of it all. I never get tired of this. :-)