Saturday, September 6, 2008

Say It With Science

Space Campaign

The International Space Station with Jules Verne
Credit: NASA


Jules Verne leaving the International Space Station for final determination
Credit: ESA

As I am sure you can appreciate, these last 24 hours have been pretty exhaustive. First I had to go the International Space Station, rig up a moon buggy and do the laser thingy and the flag and; you know. Then I had to go back to the station, detach the Jules Verne - which I am very proud to say was a great success - before I attended and reported from the super exciting Rosetta press conference in Germany (of all places...).

I'd like to point out though that Xineann, by this, clearly demonstrates her openmindedness and capacity to genuinely cooperate on the international and intergalactic scene. Please note in particular that as Xineann's representative I choose diplomacy rather than throwing dirt at an other continents space agency. I mean, the current administration arguably allows official gloating and biased focus in their reports from todays press conference in Darmstadt, Germany. I have thus no choice but to give the articles at hand a deep red thumb! This is not sportsmanship and will definitely not be tolerated by the Xineanns administration. We all belong to the same galaxy and we behave that way!

Stellare campaigning for Xineann for President - Because America Needs More Cats ® on the moon.
Photo: Campaign Photographer

Press release approved by White House Press Secretary

As approved by the press secretary. I totally endorse the statement from Secretary of State (he'll be that any time soon now anyways regardless the outcome of the elections...) categorizing the press release as nothing less than "Art History".

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