Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nano Sun

Science Policy

Credit: IBM

These images created by IBM scientists demonstrate a new nano "printing" technique they believe will lead to breakthroughs in ultra-tiny chips, optics, and biosensors. The recreation of Robert Fludd's 17th century drawing of the Sun - the alchemists' symbol for gold -- was created by precisely placing 20,000 gold particles, each about 60 nanometers in diameter. This method could be used for mass production to place particles as small as 2 nanometers in diameter to fabricate atomic scale nanowires, ultra tiny lenses for optics and biosensors for healthcare.

Most people fail to see the paramount importance of basic science, often claiming it is a waste of time. Like who cares if we can write the I B M letters on nanoscale, let alone 'drawing' a picture of the Sun as seen above. The truth is that these nitty gritty both theories and applications are necessary to do before we can transform it to life saving or otherwise useful applications in our daily lives. Sarah Palin gets on my nerves with her 'cute' ignorance and she awaken my old science policy maker me.

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