Saturday, October 25, 2008

Geo Engineering

Cool Down, Already!


To a Norwegian, walking around in the sun with an umbrella simply looks plain stupid. We are more like desperately sucking up every single sun ray coming our way. Umbrellas are for rainy days. I believe the English will agree with us on that. However, after spending time in various parts on this planet where the sun is placed higher on the sky (as we say it in Norway) and where the sun rays hits your head with deadly precision, I now realize that it is not such a bad idea protecting your skull with an umbrella. And it has nothing to do with vanity, though for some it is merely vanity, too. Now, extrapolate this use of an umbrella to cover vast areas of the planet is something else entirely. And I would prefer that we engineer pretty darn long and exhaustive before we embark on schemes like those illustrated above.

Umbrellas are for rainy days! :-)

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