Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bouvet Island

Extreme Southern Norway


Bouvet Island

The other day Yopp sent me a less than flattering video about the level of geographical knowledge in the US population. She also sent a video of the wanna-be-miss-Teen-America, a BEAUTIFUL young lady, who when asked why the Americans didn't know where the US was on a world map, started nicely by saying that they perhaps didn't have maps and then went on to talk about South Africa, Iraq and Asia...Well, I know the Americans claim land in the Antarctic, don't we all super powers do that ;-), but other than the wars I do not know if America possess or claim land anywhere else in the world like in South Africa and Asia...such as.:-) She does have a point when I come to think of it, that Iraq is a part of America. Or so some wish it were.

Had a Norwegian beautiful you lady - or guy for that matter - found herself in the same situation as described above, she could have gotten away with talking about the South Atlantic when talking about her home country. Bouvet Island is located near the junction between the South American, African, and Antarctic tectonic plates in the South Atlantic and is known as the most remote island in the world. And it is Norwegian - extreme south of Norway.

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