Wednesday, October 15, 2008

History of science

Theory of the Earth

James Hutton
, a Scottish geologist, published a book called, Theory of the Earth, in 1788. It is his most famous work and it consists of:

Part 1: Prospect of the Subject to be treated of
Part 2: An Investigation of the Natural Operations employed in consolidating the Strata of the Globe
Part 3: Investigation of the Natural Operations employed in the Production of Land above the Surface of the Sea
Part 4: System of Decay and Renovation observed in the Earth

I shall not pretend I read the whole book, but from the scanning that I did it looks like a good read and indeed interesting. In particular in these times of fanaticism. I am a sucker for gravitation and here is a quote on the topic:

"GRAVITATION and the vis incita of matter thus form the first two powers distinguishable in the operations of our system, and wisely adapted to the purpose for which they are employed."

I'm into cuteness. This is very cute.

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