Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Moon Is Jarlsberg, Mars Is Wasa

Mars Is Made out of Wasa

Stop the press! Water on Mars is old news. We've got it, already. There are traces of water in whatever form on the planet. It is OLD NEWS. HiRISE brings us now the NEW NEWS. Mars is made out of the Swedish crispbread Wasa. The revealing images were taken 27th December 2008 and published last week. It can only be sensorship of the millenium that can explain that these big news are being kept a secret. (I read HiRISE everyday and I am shocked that I obviously is the only reader of this excellent site. The images are stunning.)

Well, I bring you the evidence, people of the internets. It is pretty obvious. You don't need to be a rocket scientist - even though technically speaking I am - to understand that this is Wasa up there on Mars. THAT is News.

Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Fans of ice is the official title of this image, ignoring the fact that this is clearly a piece of Wasa crispbread.

Credit: Ola Sæther/BLB

It can only mean two things. Either the Swedes have a space program beyond our wildest dreams and resides on Mars since, well since the medieval Wasa era, and forgot to hide their crispbread before NASA sent all sorts of imagery instruments up there. Or, Mars IS actually made out of Wasa crispbread, just like the Moon is made out of Jarlsberg cheese. You tell me which theory you prefer! :-)


This is how Google presented the Moon at an early stage of Google Moon....


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