Friday, February 13, 2009

Environment & Humans

Happy Environment - Happy People

I know, the title sounds really childish and naive. But Sandy focus on a very valid statement from a fellow greenblogger in this post, the fact that humans thrive in their natural environment, not among concrete elements.

I grew up on the countryside and here we live in houses that are spread out all over the place. Nothing like the villages you find down in Europe for instance, where all the houses are thrown together. I need this space and it became evident for me at a very early age. I remember driving from our home to Oslo as a kid, noticing that when we approached the capital the housing changed and we saw these housing complexes with several stores high buildings. My first meeting with condo's. It was a depressing shock to me, I asked myself how could anybody possibly live under such degrading conditions. I swear, I got really depressed.

As I am no longer a kid I can see that it is possible to live like that, but what Sandy's article says is that it is important to create green lounges and otherwise make room for plants and greenery and not fill it all with concrete. Pure concrete makes us miserable. Simple as that. :-)

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