Sunday, February 8, 2009

Astronomy News

Astro News The Easy Way

Roving around on Mars for 5 years!, NASA's celebration of the Mars missions, is included in Episode 11 of Astrocast.TV.

For quite some time I have been frenetically rambling around on the internets searching for the hottest news and information about my favorite topics. Astronomy and space exploration are close to my heart and though I really should stay focused on this planet (my job) I can't help but soaking up whatever I can get hold of of astronomy, astrophysics and space explorations. I've found a set of sites providing me with that information, but when I found this internet TV station I can finally settle for fewer stops. In 10 minutes or so you get a pretty good wrap up of the last months news in the field. And it is read out loud for you with both pictures and videos. :-)

This month they have of course included some space celebrating NASAs 5 years on Mars. (go to appx 5:10 min).

On their blog you can go deeper into the material if you like and find links to more stuff. I hope they'll include even more material on their blogs in the future.

If you prefer the YouTube interface the programs are available there too.

I learned that CNN has stopped their dedicated science and space programs. Too bad they don't see how they can use the new media then. Astrocast.TV is an example of what exciting times we live in media wise. Anybody can make their own TV station now! :-)

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