Monday, February 16, 2009

Galileo on Environment

Grand Galileo

Credits: ESA- J.Huart

Galileo - Europe's Global Navigation Satellite System

Galileo is grand. I'm not thinking of Galileo Galilei, he is grand too of course, but on the European Global Navigation Satellite System named in his honor, Galileo. GNSS is one of the pillars of space geodetic techniques.

It is not that I dislike green, but rather that I LOVE blue and I get so sick and tired of everything called green. Why not blue? After all a clean and healthy OCEAN is environmental even more than the green you find on the continents covering merely 30 % of this planet's surface anyways. I'm just saying....before I give you GreenDrive. :-) Call it BlueDrive and I'll buy several for my car!

GreenDrive advises the driver on the most economical driving style to use, when to accelerate, when to break, and when to keep the speed. This is done on mobile phones and personal navigation devices.

Credits: Road-Guard

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