Thursday, January 8, 2009

Say It With Science

Accurate Maps


I not only thumb up (SU tool) this glorious map, I give it an outstandingly good review: This must be the best map of the US ever made. And I have spent hours at the Library of Congress's Geography and Maps Division and seen true art of cartography and I work for a national mapping agency! This map represent the sharpest observation of American culture. It is accurate, and that is what maps need to be in order to be a useful navigation tool.

Why do I glorify this particular map? Because I can. And because of all the people with a total lack of sense of humor thumbing this post down. I GREEN it!

Moreover, I know the map is correct because I know at least two awesome Californians: Yopp and XineAnn. Plus a whole bunch of other people...:-)

Oh, come on now! SUers, thumb this map UP, up, up! :-)

Thank you Tutto.

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