Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stellaric Horoscope

Inciteful's Stellaric Horoscope

Extra terrestrial messages for Inciteful has been received, oh I don't know, from aliens perhaps. It has enabled the expert to make a Stellaric horoscope for Inciteful on her birthday 21. May 2008.

This is no bullshit horoscope, let that be crystal clear. To prove it here is the movie showing how the extra terrestrial information for the horoscope was transcended.

Now, the Pleiades star cluster (also known as the Seven Sisters and Messier 45) and Venus are gliding behind the Sun and moving towards each other in a conjunction or visual meeting. We cannot see this from Earth since these objects are too close to the Sun's brightness. Stellare has powers to see beyond and even further and are therefor able to present the following Stellaric Horoscope, with explanations.

NASA is putting together a team to decide what sensors and detectors should fly on Space Probe, and the agency is expected to put out a call for payload ideas later this year. The Space Probe will be launched 2015, in other words somewhat after the next sun spot maximum. Regardless of what they decide for the payloads, solar cycle 24 just started this year and will build up during 2008. Inciteful can expect the same development for her life. No matter what she brings with her, the future will be brighter.

Dark matters will no longer matter. Thanks to Hubble we can see right through the dark matter all the way via the Quasars to the very beginning - Big Bang. Inciteful will exactly the same way, see beyond the darker side of life and find the strength where she began her life, to enjoy Sunshine.

Quasars: Missing baryonic matter was found by using the light from distant quasars (the bright cores of galaxies with active black holes) to probe spider-web-like structure that permeates the seemingly invisible space between galaxies, like shining a flashlight through fog.

Just like quasars light up the cosmic fog and at the same time provide us with a terrific terrestrial reference (coordinate system)!, the quasars will ensure Inciteful the insight and guidance she needs to make the right decisions for herself.

Should everything go down the drain, like in a black hole, there are no worries because now we know there are ways to escape even black holes!

Happy Birthday, Inciteful!

Stellare - the ghost astrologer

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