Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stellare: A raving mad scientist

Raving Mad Scientist


You should be really careful what you wish for. Look at me! This is what you might end up looking like if you become a mad scientist. Who'd want crazy eyes like these? They completely give you away.

The Rave


Here is a naked raving mad scientist version of me. As much as I understand that some fine SU ladies of exquisite taste in nudes think they expose themselves, this photo here reveals real nudity - and a couple of teeth! I beat you all! :-)


Me arguing with the Troll. Me on the right.

Photos: I sincerely haven't got a clue!

I've received complaints from various people for not posting more pictures of me. As you can see there are good reasons for not doing that. I know Sam will hate it and Franny love it; the fact that this most likely will be a temporary post and removed shortly. If you should be tempted to protest or in any other way annoy me with unpleasant comments, I shall have to kill you. I have access to the services of Abra-Cadabra BE WARNED!

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