Thursday, March 20, 2008

Water and Methane

Water and Methane

Image: Artist's impression of HD 189733b / ESA, NASA and G. Tinetti (University College London, UK & ESA

Does NOT equal LIFE!

I've been asked to make more personal comments on the science I present here on my very personal SU blog. Unfortunately I've not the capacity to do that on a regular and serious basis! For me it is rather personal just to make the internet sites of my preference or general interest available to the public. Having made that clear, I have the following comment on the hot news - Extrasolar methane and water detected. :-)

I agree with Katharine Sanderson, Nature (link of this very post) in that just because we have detected methane - an organic compound - and water outside our solar system, we cannot jump to the conclusion that we have proof of life on other planets.

It is however rather FANTASTIC that we can "see" gases so far away. It is particularly the Hubble telescope and also the Spitzer telescope that enable us to do so. And a couple of clever scientists and some computer power, I assume. :-)

Extraterrestrial or extrasolar life is far fetched but we can suspect it all STINKS as my friend BumApples deducted. :-)

Extraterrestrial Life? - not proven YET!

Thanks for finding the little green ones, ShirlT!

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