Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Charles de "Geule"

Photo: Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Terminal 2, Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, Paris, France (49° 00' N - 2° 31' E)

I fly. I fly often. No, I fly extremely frequent. Many of my meeting take place in wonderful Paris. The city love of my life. However, the airport...! If you know French you've noticed that I have called this airport not Charles de Gaulle, which is the correct name for it, but Charles de geule. That is translated to something like Charles-shot your mouth! or perhaps Charles-with-the-filthy-mouth. It is a name I used when I was learning French and stumbled more often than I do today when I spoke it. The French were laughing their harts out when they heard my "interpretation" of their great leader Charles de Gaulle.

Anyways, this airport is a piece of work. All the time. Really, they work on this airport constantly without pauses. And moreover, without signs! If the workers do decide to put up signs, they lead you in the EXACT OPPOSITE DIRECTION of where you not only want to go, but where you NEED TO GO TO CATCH YOUR FLIGHT!

Travel advise: Always bring a VERY DETAILED MAP of Charles de Gaulle when you go to Paris! I would even recommend a GPS with geodetic accuracy (mm) :-)

I saw La Terre vue du ciel for the first time at an outdoor exhibition in Oslo. As I also extremely frequently visit my friend XineAnns pages I was reminded of this photographers excellent work.

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