Monday, December 8, 2008

Stupid Goats

Messy Goats Mars Program


SkinnyGoat's future residence - very near future residence, that is.

Our very demanding teacher Mr. Pickett is putting a lot of responsibility on our shoulders, Inga. Nothing new under the Sun I suppose, that the nice and wise girls get the burden of cleaning up the mess after irresponsible boys...

Anyways, this is too much work for me right now and I suggest that we put this skinny drug abusive pusher of a goat on an exhaustive Mars program. We cannot count on the NASA program unfortunately as they have postponed it with a couple of years recently, but perhaps ESA will be our saviour. I suggest we smuggle him in the Mars500 isolation study right away and have him shipped out as soon as possible. Let him bring as much of his favorite drugs as he wish. I guess the Mars scenary will enhance the drug effects so it shouldn't be hard to trick him into this scheme. I trust BumApples can elaborate on that?


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