Thursday, December 11, 2008

Climate Change Refugees

Climate Refugees 2010

Cartographer: Emmanuelle UNEP/GRID-Arendal

Fifty million climate refugees by 2010.

"Today we find a world of asymmetric development, unsustainable natural resource use, and continued rural and urban poverty. There is general agreement about the current global environmental and development crisis. It is also known that the consequences of these global changes have the most devastating impacts on the poorest, who historically have had limited entitlements and opportunities for growth."

And yet we continue to discuss who or what causes the changes. This is perhaps the only topic that I will agree with Mrs Sarah Palin; we need to act on and adjust to climate change now. Some will argue that if we don't know what causes climate change we cannot make the right decisions. As a scientists I am of course not going to argue against understanding and knowledge production. However, we have technology and information to monitor mother Earths behavior today AND we can model pretty well the near future as well. Enough to act.

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