Saturday, November 15, 2008


Snapshot of An Exoplanet

Fomalhaut, the Sun of the exoplanets

Fomalhaut b Planet, the one we'll agree actually is a planet...

An artists view of a three planet extra solar system.

All three extrasolar planet around Fomalhaut.

Holy Hubble! What Incredible Images!

I've posted on Fomalhaut extrasolar system before with its three rings. Now Hubble has managed to take pictures of three planets in this extra solar system. Well, at least there will be consensus on one planet. The two others will be subject to Pluto like discussion. And we know how filled with drama those exchanges of opinions are. Ha!

My favorite baby-faced science guy (Sorry, Dave you are young and charming both in form and content :-)) got a scoop with Exoplanet Sara. I recommend a read.

I'm so excited by these discoveries I have posted several times. Some of the images are beauties in themselves. Like the 'brown eye' version or the larger disco version by frog eyes. :-)

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