Sunday, November 23, 2008

Albert Einstein

Einstein's Work Place

All images are taken in April 1995 at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA by photographer Ralph Morse.

I can see that Albert Einstein and I have at least one thing in common - a desk with an overview of documents. Some call it a mess. It is definitely NOT. I'm sure Einstein and I would agree on that. :-)

I named my first cat Einstein. She was a semi-wild Norwegian Forest Cat and very intelligent.

A woman, the librarian Fantova, took notes from her conversations with Albert Einstein the last year or so of his life. I'd like to read those one day.

Leisure Time

Photo: E. O. Hoppe, 1921

Albert Einstein also has something in common with my niece it seems, namely playing the violin. I bet my niece is better than Einstein was or could ever have been at playing this instrument, though. :-)

Sarah-Erin at Barratt Due

Photo: B L Bye
My niece Sarah Erin Bye playing violin

Einstein on his sailboat on lake Saranac, US, July 03, 1936

Albert Einstein was fond of sailing. I totally agree with him though it was an 'acquired taste' for me. Today I love sailing and have had several of my best moments in nature at sea. :-)

These Are Fragments of Einstein's Life

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