Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Bad Universe

A Bad Universe

Does this to you!! :-)

The Universe is the biggest comfort to me - all the bullschlache we see about Ghosts, Mediums, Paranormal and all that stupid, stupid boring stuff is killing me. It is everywhere, sitcoms, 'reality' shows, movies, the whole entertainment sector. And it is sooo boring*. The real stuff on the other hand, never stops to amaze me. And Phil Plait is clearly sharing my view on this.

Stellare endorses Phil Plait coming show on Discovery - Bad Universe. I encourage all my readers to help promote real science (over the other stuff). Spread the 'science holy' word, please! :-)

Share this link as widely as you possible can. Spam away! hehehe Little devilish smile from Stellare :-P

*I do no judge anybody who for some weird reason appreciate the entertainment part, I am just not into that kind of silliness.

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