Saturday, September 24, 2011

Colliding Galaxies - SU Transitions

SU Colliding With Its Users

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Colliding Galaxies
by Hubble Legacy Archive, ESA, NASA
Arp 272

SU is going to make significant changes to their service, so much so it looses its main character all together. This means that I cannot make comments illustrated by visuals, like in this very post, communicating quite effectively across cultures and languages (at least overcoming some difficulties for those who do not master the English language to perfection). SU is on a colliding course with its own original idea - and more devastating, with its customers/users.

I do not see how I can maintain the interactions with my audience without the html I right now am using. The power of visuals seems unknown to those in power at SU.

For those who'd like to follow my discoveries on net, however reduced that will be compared to on this service, can join my circle at Google + and/or join my group Beyond Sustainability on Facebook

My more lengthy 'popular' science articles will still be published on Science 2.0. In fact there will be a weekly series of articles about Extreme Geohazards there starting next week.

I will continue to update my PlanetBye on Blogspot also, where you actually can find most of my posts here on SU + some more stuff.

Bente Lilja Bye aka Stellare

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