Friday, February 25, 2011

World Championship Oslo 2011

Ski: World Championship 2011 in Oslo

Credit: Renny B Amundsen

We are about to go completely nuts here in the extreme north (well, below the Arctic circle but to most people this is really EXTREMELY FAR NORTH at appx 60 degrees). The craziness will take place at Holmenkollen which is one of the most famous world sports stadiums. The true soul and spirit of Norwegians will be revealed. We go bananas when it comes to skiing. That is just the way it is - it is genetic!

Here is how Google sees it:

And then one more from Renny, Both of his pictures are being used on commercial goods by the way - Congratulations, Renny. Way cool! :-)

Credit: Renny B Amundsen

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RennyBA said...

Thanks for your support and nice words - how flattering!

Thanks also for the SU which made the biggest one day traffic peak ever on my Flickr & Blog :-)