Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rome Planetarium

Hitler's Gift to Astronomy

I was in Rome this summer and visited Rome Planetarium in EUR. This visit was extraordinary in many ways - the planetarium and it's exhibition are excellent in itself, the surroundings and the very building in the which the planetarium is placed is something else - and the history of both the optical instrument from Carl Zeiss and the general story behind Rome Planetarium is unique. So be it that both Hitler and Mussolini - some less than fine men - are part of the story. Remember, I am a scientist and astrophysicist - and just because I mention the role of these men in this story I do not endorse their actions!

Sam, I am not against Jews. There, I said it! It is official, I can talk about Hitler and like Jews at the same time. What do you know! :)

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