Saturday, July 25, 2009

Grand Canyons

Grand Canyon from above

Credit: ESA

This is an excellent example of satellite art of a place that is a natural wonder in-situ, as we professional earth observers say when distinguishing between observations made from space and observations made on Earth itself. :-)

Dive into the the big version.

I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting Grand Canyon (in-situ), but I have visited the grand canyon of Texas; Palo Duro Canyon up in the Panhandle, on several occasions. It is spectacular and they have an outdoors show that makes you travel back in time and get a deeper understanding of the famous Texas hospitality. I just watched the shows website and they actually have a 'hospitality specialist' hired. If I had not had been there I would not understand why and what that is, but let me assure you, Texans know how to make you feel welcome!

And even the CEO's wear their cowboy hats!

I love Texas! :-)

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