Friday, March 13, 2009

Ocean Energy

Timely Tidal Energy

Submarine hydropower. The Moon helps us pulling the oceans and moving the water about, creating a source of energy for us to tap. If we figure out a way to do it. Sounds strange to you? If you've been to the beach you've probably noticed the tides - the water level fluctuating on a regular basis every day. That is the tide. And basically the Moon is to blame for that. Luckily.

The hydropower on land comes from water running down towards the sea due to gravitational pull. Like, what comes up most come down. We've developed turbine technology that transform that gravitational energy to electricity. What we need is a more horizontal version of that, in the ocean, to tap the tidal energy.

It seems that we are getting there. NASA definitely contributes to the development of new technology for alternative energy sources. :-)

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