Friday, May 22, 2009

Girl&Boy Hubble

Baby Shower Hubble

A geeky gift for a geek-to-be baby.

I love blue and I'm disgusted by pink. And all my life I have been cursed with the 'wrong' sex relative to my preference of colors. I can tell heartbreaking stories about how hard this has been. Maybe I would have been able to forgive the donor of a Hubble in pink though, even if there is no doubt that Hubble looks its best in blue.

Credit: NASA

The Atlantis shuttle just finished a good week of fixing the Hubble space telescope, a joint NASA/ESA project, to work for a few more years. Yet another great success for NASA, and the rest of the world, that will continue to learn more about outer space through the sharp eyes of Hubble.

Acknowledging that I might be among the few [girls] preferring the color blue I present to you two options for a baby shower gift that will stand out. A Hubble in blue and/or a Hubble in pink. NASA will not mind you framing one of these images, wrap it up and give the kid a bright future while slightly manipulate them to take an interest in space exploration. Even if the parents should ignore their responsibilities and 'forget' to encourage or even tell their kids about the option of studying the 'hard sciences', the kid itself will be reminded about the wonderful world that geeks live in when looking at their beautifully framed Hubble spacetelescope in blue or pink!

Go right ahead and download it NOW! :-)


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